Mk1 Moto-Link DH

above: Mk1                           below: Mk2


The original Mk1/Mk2 platforms were bred for speed by merging Aerospace and Moto-X technologies. These early Moto-link designs quickly evolved and helped  Rotec establish itself at the close of the 90's.

The Mk1/Mk2 Moto-Link concept was a direct result in the crossover of suspension designs originally found on dirt bikes of that period


The Moto-link design remained relevant until 2001 when Rotec Cycles was acquired by its present owner.

With this rebirth, Rotec's future as a brand was reinvented to reflect a company that could adapt to an ever changing and expanding mountain bike market and culture.

Rotec spent the next several years designing interim models like the DH9 and FR8 that would prove helpful in reconnecting the brand with its past as well as its present customer base.


In the end, the only thing that mattered was a quality product, great value and unsurpassed customer service.

By 2004, Rotec had begun adopted the Lawwill rear suspension system as its  premier DH platform and by utilizing our existing concentric BB pivot design the RL9 was born.


The RL9 was developed  as the flagship of our product line and evolved from the original Mert Lawwill 4 bar link to become the uncontested Lawwill inspired design it is today.  

 In 2017 we began expanding our bike range into the short travel market by creating and offering a new model called the REVERT.

The REVERT is now available for purchase and have been a great success as an entry model to our brand. A simple , no-nonsense frameset  that offers 4 or 5 inches of rear travel at a great value and tons of flow time fun.

In 2018 we saw our all new, completely re-designed  RL9 reappear as the Lawwill NINE downhill platform.


It captured the imagination of our loyal followers with unsurpassed performance and innovation that expanded on a growing downhill market that was hungry for solid hi-performance products.

Arriving in 2020 will be our first intro into the ALL MOUNTAIN and ENDURO market with our upcoming  Revo AM with 150mm of rear travel and the Revo X our newest Lawwill inspired, hill climbing and dh descending Enduro screamer.


The Revo X offers both 29 and 27.5 wheel compatibility and the ability for either 165mm  of rear travel with a 8.5x2.5  DVO Topaz air shock/JadeX coil or 185mm of rear travel with a 8.75x2.75 DVO Jade coil. 

Rotec Cycles USA is headquartered in Renton, Washington.  We are a passion driven, rider owned company

If you have any questions or want more information on our products please go to our contact page and send us a message.